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Basic Bitch Bargains – Dune SS16 bag review

Hello and welcome to Basic Bitch Bargains! In this post, I’ll be showing you a beautiful summery Dune bag that I nabbed for a total bargain whilst dressed as a basic bitch in T.K Maxx (this is a lie I was wearing leggings, had no visible parting in my hair and didn’t have a follicle of make-up on my face).

Now to some people, T.K Maxx is a terrifying place that resembles a jumble sale where all the rejected designer items go to die. On some days, I could walk into T.K Maxx and agree with you. But on others, its worth ransacking the rails for a bargain (even if you do make a terrible mess)

Yesterday  I found this gorgeous Dune bag that I thought would go perfect with my Summer wardrobe as its tan and gold colouring reflect the second season perfectly. I personally love Dune and have always bought their products from T.K. Maxx as you can often get them for about 50% off which is an offer I don’t think anyone who loves Dune would refuse!




Originally retailed at £69.00, I snapped this baby up for £39.00 and its roomy storage space and handy pockets inside definitely make it worth the money.

Material: 💛💛💛💛💛

Quality: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Value: £££

Overall, I would definitely recommend this bag. It’s spacious main compartment and handy pockets provides adequate storage space while the sturdy handles and additional strap make it easy to carry. The gold buckle also provides some security in terms of access while the leather tassel and solid gold ‘Dune’ charm add some refined detail and help give it an edgier look. It’s a designer bag without the designer price!

The Doll Book

Today, I thought we’d try something new. I know I post about fashion a lot, and some of the creations that I post to contain items that I own. But I still think its a little impersonal ,and you don’t really get to see me. So this morning, before I went shopping, I took some photos of my outfit that I wore. Now some of them are a bit awkward as I did have to improvise. I’m not one of those lucky people who has a PA or something who can take photos of me. And unfortunately my new laptop doesn’t have a countdown on its webcam. Yes, I have looked. So I’ve had to compromise. Anyways, here is my outfit that I wore today.


Today I wore mainly Primark.


These earrings are really cool. I don’t know if you can see too great here, but they’re little silver balls studded with diamontes. They cost £2 and came in a set of two. They other pair were exactly the same, except they were steel in colouring. My experience with earrings like these is that the studs tends to fall off. WHICH REALLY MAKES ME ANGRY BECAUSE I SPEND MY MONEY ON PRIMARK AND THEY GIVE ME F*CKED UP JEWELLERY (and calm) but in this case both pairs have been hardy. My only criticism would be that if you haven’t been wearing earrings for a while or are not used to wearing them then these little glitters will hurt when you take them out. Otherwise, good quality and worth the money.

ED - WIN_20131220_094429

My lovely New London Boots. From Primark, these gorgeous suede darlings will ask that you part with £25, but they are well worth it in my view. I spent a good few days swanning round London (this can be shoe suicide) in them, but they held up well. I used to think that the quality of Primark shoes were a bit naff (I had a pair of slip-ons from there that literally fell apart) but in the last year or so, I’ve been really pleased with the shoes. My Doc Martins are amazing. And they only cost £15. These boots also have a cute patch of stitched material on the back that reminds me of Chanel.

ED - WIN_20131220_094409

This silver and diamond cuff was £5. Again, its Primark, but its got a real sense of elegance. Its got a fairly intricate design and its fragmented into 10 parts (I’m that dedicated I counted!). They diamonds are cut into opal shapes, which kinda look like teardrops, so its got a sentimental and serious feel to it. I do feel very serious when I look at it. It also looks quite expensive and its quite big, so its best worn as a simple accessory.

ED - WIN_20131220_094011

These leggings are (no prizes here) Primark and cost £14. Plaid has been really popular this season, and Primark wasted no expenses. They are incredibly comfy, really soft and fit brilliantly. I’m quite short and a size 10, so I usually struggle to find a suitable pair. However, I found a 10 to be too big and opted for an 8. The white plaid lines contrast really well with black, giving it a really chic look.

ED - WIN_20131220_093941

This is my second most recent purchase. The (Primark)  jacket was cut down from £25 to £15.  A brilliant bargain and really great. Tartan is one of if not the biggest print of the moment. As you can see its leather with the tartan torso. Its also got the same tartan pattern on the back. The tartan is really soft and adds a bit of colour and texture to the jacket. The top underneath is just a simple black long sleeved top from Dorothy Perkins. I don’t know much it costs as it came from Mum’s wardrobe. Its nice though. I’m keeping it.

ED - WIN_20131220_094112

And that is just a picture of me. I wore fuscia lipstick, mascara and liquid/kohl eyeliner. I also back brushed my hair just to give it some volume as I suffer with flat hair syndrome.

Well that’s all for now, dolls. Let me know what you think in the comments below. I’m thinking of doing a post once a week.

Dolly love,


Christmas Cracker

Christmas Cracker
‘Christmas Cracker’ designed, coordinated, created and published by PaperXdollX
Earrings: Lavish Alice £25
Top: Miss Selfridge £35
Bracelet: Yves Saint Laurent [Selfridges] £435
Ring: Yves Saint Laurent [Selfridges] £215
Bag: Zara £89.99
Belt: New Look £12.99
Heels: Yves Saint Laurent [Selfridges] £535
Trousers: Topshop £40
Cape: River Island £95
The cover image jumper is also from Topshop and is £48
All content was correct at time of print
Dolly love,