Clash clash

Designed, created, coordinated and published by PaperXdollX.

For this set, I went with the theme of you’ve probably guessed it: clashing prints and textures. I didn’t have any idea what I was really going to go with when I first started this, so I started with the actual clothes first. I chose a simple yet decorative and interesting crop top. I chose this mainly because the print has an edgy and unique pattern, and this went well with the colours of white, black and blue. As someone who works in retail, I can tell you that this Spring will be all about statement, bold primary colours. The crop top is folk inspired and different, but it’s not too ‘busy’ as my Nan would say, which is thanks to its smooth texture. Crop Top: £16 Topshop
Next up is the red leather jacket. Though it’s quite a harsh colour for a jacket, it is complimented by the softer hues of the crop top. The jacket is leather, which makes it practical for spring and adds a worn out texture to the outfit. Jacket: £55 River Island
To complete the main body of the outfit, I chose this skirt. I liked the length of this skirt. Anything longer would have swamped the lovely shoes that I’ll be talking about later. Though I’m sure you have lovely legs, had the skirt been shorter it would have distraction from the rest of the outfit. It’s also a pencil skirt, which adds modest shape to curves and helps accentuate your body. With the crop top being not all that modest, it just made sense to have a slightly longer skirt. The bold, angular zig zag print of this skirt really adds a sense of focus to the item. The peachy coloured lines manage to add some definition to the skirt, without being too in your face. It contrasts perfectly with the floral, folky crop top and bold jacket. Skirt: £14.99 New Look
When it came to handbags, I was looking this one and another one from New Look. The NL one was this colour blue, but it also had a splash of turquoise in it. I decided that the turquoise just didn’t fit in with the rest of the colour scheme, so I chose this little wonder. Despite the picture it’s actually quite small, but that makes it handy for nights out and dates as it won’t get in the way too much. I love how it looks like a slightly over grown purse too, but it’s solid colour means it’s not too ‘cute’ for the outfit. Handbag: £30 River Island
Next, ah the heels. These chunky heels match the outfit perfectly. Although not everyone likes bulky shoes, they fit in here as they add dimension to your feet and height to the rest of you! The fact that they are white also means that they don’t draw too much attention away from the outfit that they compliment so well. Heels: £25
For the jewellery, I chose items that were obvious, but didn’t distract from the bold prints and textures of the outfit. I decided to stick with one colour or rather metal: gold. The handbag already worked some gold into the set, but I thought it needed some more to give it a bitter shine. The gold choker has a cut out pattern on it, which makes it seem less solid and adds texture to your neck, whilst the bracelets and bangles contribute a tribal feel. The earrings I kept simple yet edgy; they have a crushed appearance yet are very polished which of course makes them extra shiny. Choker: £14 Topshop Bracelets: £12.99 New Look Earrings: £4.90 Forever21
This look is casual yet impactive, and is a great way to really make s fashion statement this Spring.
Dolly love,